Just Hanging Out

20 Jun

Now 7 months old, Billi is still just hanging out and ENJOYING COTTAGE LIFE.

7 months old

7 months old










The picture below, six months old and weighing in at 30 pounds.

Just spending time at the cottage. Billi has learned to fetch and spends time on the shore watching carefully for something.


She swims very well, retrieves sticks and launches off the dock into the water. Thankfully she leaves swimmers alone and doesn’t try to climb on them and scratch with her sharp nails.  She seems to act as our lifeguard, sometimes swimming out and circling once just to check on us.


S0306629w Billi - Buck Lake, Ontario


Horizons Unlimited

15 Jun

June 9 – 12 at Camp Tamarack, Bracebridge Ontario.


There were approximately 150 persons registered for this get together of world travelers. I’m sure there were over a hundred motorcycles. Great people and lots of seminars and stories, and a wealth of information being shared. One of the riders in my bunkhouse is from Finland and had recently been to Ushuaia, the southern tip of South America. The stickers on his hard cases tell just part of his story.


Minimal accomodations but everything I needed, so I slept well each night and wasn’t even bothered by anyone snoring.


I was impressed with the cleanliness and functional design of the new washroom and shower building. The overall venue was perfect for the event and provided lots of spaces for camping. I choose to stay in a bunkhouse with a real roof and not bother with my tent and as it turned out, the loud  heavy rain at 3:00am Saturday sounded better on the metal roof than it would have on my tent.


I had a nice backroad tour on the way up Thursday with Dieter, Bob and John and riding solo on Sunday back to the cottage near Kingston.

Billi learns to dig

5 May

Young Toller puppies have a lot of energy and this new friend and companion had kept me busy. I’ve not had much time to ride the Suzuki. Billi has just learned how to excavte patio stones.



I like to make Gord laugh, so I flipped back my ears.

Billi moves home

12 Apr

I left my siblings today and moved to Gord’s house; but after I had a hearty lunch of frozen chicken necks.



Here is a picture of me riding for the first time in a Subaru, I found it crowded and boring so decided to sleep for most of the trip.
The weather has been much warmer in Kingston, I think my siblings are still cold in Stittsville. Gord has built a huge fenced enclosure for me with pea-stone gravel on the bottom. The sun has warmed it up and so it is dry and a fun safe play for me to exercise and I have my own water bucket that I don’t have to share.

First ride of the season – WooHoo

31 Mar

The Vstrom was a bit lazy to start after her long winter nap in the garage so I had to kick’r in the guts a few extra times.   It was perfect weather yesterday, sunny and warm, for my first ride this year. Great fun and the bike ran perfectly after getting started. I went about 200 km and now I remember why I like to ride.


Dogs or Bikes ?

7 Mar
Due to a self-inflicted decision, I’ve added a complication to my  life. At least for this spring and summer, when the Toller puppy is young, I’ll be busy. Mid April the puppy
 will be coming home, just about a week or so just before the annual Romney event in West Virgina.
It’s a long story and I spent many days of thinking about what turns my crank in life. Riding solo last fall to the Oregon coast and enjoying the mountains in California I di have ots of time to ponder. After I got home I decided after 5 dogless years that I wanted another one. I’ve certainly taken advantage of the fact that I have had few responsibilities around home and so was able to enjoy many long adventures all over North America. I’ve been spoiled many times by my understanding and supportive wife.  After much thinking about my lifestyle and meeting breeders last fall I finally found what I wanted. Getting a registered NSDT  will be a significant new event for me and no doubt will be reflected in some changes in my blog posts.
The Toller breeder near Stittsville, Dragonluck Kennels, spends an amazing amount of her time providing the puppies with lots of stimulation. Following up on this link you can download some interesting and helpful ideas to raise great puppies.
I’m pretty hyped about the whole dog thing, hopefully a new fun chapter in my life, and yes it will impact my long solo riding adventures. No, I don’t plan to get a sidecar. As the dog matures I’ll have more free time to ride.  Meanwhile I may need to ride vicariously by email with some of my buddies. Please stick with me, I’ve no plans to sell the Vstrom.
I’ve seen them weekly since they were born on February 6th. Thye change rapidly.

Nova Scotia Duck Toller

27 Dec

The Nova Scotia Duck Toller is one of few purely Canadian breeds and originates from Little River Nova Scotia.

They are thickly coated, active and smart working dogs and well suited to family and cottage life or Canadian winter conditions. The puppy in the picture (Kalmeguess Kennel) was about 6 weeks old and is probably now with her new family.IMAG7182ew Kalmegess Kennels

Getting a four-legged personal outdoor trainer will be good for my overall health and a riot to play with at the cottage. These dogs are energetic and most have an extra “retrieving” gene in their makeup, some puppies are born ready and willing to play fetch. I can hardly wait for the dog hair on the car seats and goobers on the windows and the late night walks in the rain and all the other responsibilities that we’ve been free of for the last 5 dogless years.  I already have a new crate and thinking hard about appropriate names.

We’ve recently visited some kennels in Ontario and met some breeders. It’s been a pleasure; all have welcomed us and been overly generous sharing their time and knowledge of Tollers. I’ve focused in on two breeders in Ontario and am on waiting lists for a puppy.

Any and all of the dogs that we have met are playful and friendly, anyone of them would be fun to own. The puppies of course are loveable red fuzz balls.

There is a noticeable theme to my presents this Christmas morning and I was as excited as a young kid.

On Saturday February 6th, 2016,  8 puppies were born at Dragonluck Kennels near Stittsville, Ontario.  One of these will be mine, but it must be about 10 weeks old before it will leave it’s litter mates and travel home with me to Kingson. Here’s a picture taken at 7 days old
of the 8 puppies cuddled together for comfort.