West Virginia twisties

7 May

WooHoo what a great day, 410km of twisted pavement. The very best is Back Mountain Road from Durban to Cass. Very cold temps, I’ve had my winter gloves on all day! Apparently 3″ of snow at Snowshoe Mt. and remains of snow on roofs and in the shaded ground areas even late this afternoon.

Seneca Rocks

6 May

We both slept well and like the Koolwink motel. We’re up early today, Saturday, for a long ride through Smoke Hole. The weather forecast is very good for riding.​

Smoke Hole road was a blast.​

We had some rain, fog today and snow flurries at Spruce Knob.
It’s been an enjoyable weekend for me, fun to connect with lots of friends and riding buddies. I can’t say enough about Larry and Kevin the owners/managers of Romney Cycle are great people and with some volunteers they hosted a good event for 85 riders. Thanks.
Tomorrow we’re off to find our way for 5 days of twisties; more in West Virginia and then into Ohio.

On the Road Again

5 May

Its a blast to connect with my friend Jim on his new Spyder. I found some of the best perverted pieces of asphalt that West Virginia has to offer for him to ejnjoy. I thought it was great. But the Spyder with its 3 wheel setup hits 3 times as many bumps and potholes than a motorcycle. WhoHoo for me, but fir Jim, not so much. Ha Ha.​​

On the way to Romney

5 May

The three of us had two enjoyable days riding, somewhat cold and wet but our route had great backroads. We caught the ferry in Kingston just in time to Wolfe Island and then to Cape Vincent NY; we were the first motorcycles this year to cross on the Horne’s Ferry, the oldest ferry in the US. We had a comfortable sleep at Rich and Carol’s in the Finger Lakes.​

Romney, West Virginia

29 Apr

I’m leaving in just a few days on a ride to meet up with friends at Romney Cycles; I expect to be away for about a week.

Hopefully, I’ll get plenty of photo-opportunities like this old cabin the I found a couple of years ago.

I’m meeting up with Jim who will be riding from North Carolina on a new Spyder to join me. After the Camp’nRide event hosted by Romney Cycles we will go to Ohio to search out more of the most-perverted pieces of twisted asphalt that we can find.

It’s Billi’s birthday

6 Feb

Today my Toller turns one year old and there was a yearly celebration at Dragon Luck kennels yesterday; lots of crazy fun outside with about 50 other Tollers. Bill’s mother, her 12 year old grandfather, some siblings, some cousins and many from other breeders were all there. toller-fun-day-s0849492ew It’s not an easy group to manage and to get everyone to keep still and look at the camera for a group picture. Just coincidentally the date corresponds with her birthday. Last year at this time Billi was only a day old and was inside the house with her 7 siblings and mother.

Here’s a picture this morning retrieving her new dummy in the backyard.


Billi had a usual dinner, some raw ground beef and chicken mixed with pieces of broccoli and sugar snap peas. No cake.

It’s not winter yet

18 Nov

I enjoyed a wonderful day on Wolfe Island, sunny and temperature about 15℃ I don’t often get a chance to ride the bike without the cases and a load of gear. Riding “naked” felt great. The Heidenau K60 Scout tires work well on the back gravel roads where I could get up close to the huge wind turbines. I was able to go out far on the flat rock near the west end of the island.

The picture is at the end of Reed’s Bay Road N 44° 08.199′  W 076° 27.214′ and not too far from the parking lot at Big Sandy. The water is low and the flat limestone rock was clean and dry so I couldn’t resist riding out into the Lake Ontario.  The new tires made me do it.

Now it’s Monday morning and my motorcycle riding world has changed.​