11 May

We split Thursday going our separate directions because the weather forecast was for lots and lots of rain, so no reason to spend it doing more loopse in the Windy 9 area. Jim and have once again had a wonderful adventure together, no surprise, we been friends for about 60 years. How can that be?? We are still playing on the roads, just as kids growing up together in Grenville Park. At least it’s warm rain, not at all like our previous trips to Newfoundland. Riding in cold rain while looking at icebergs puts things into a unique perspective!​

NOAA is one of my favorite weather sites, but for simplicty the small app file size, free, and fast operating is, and the radar is excellent​

which I prefer while in Canada.
Tomorrow I’m headed to the Finger Lakes area of New York State and I think that the rain had generally passed, it will be a cold start in the morning so I’m hoping my right boot will dry by morning.
I’ve been using WeatherUnderground as recommended by Uval in RoadRunner. It is a good app to use while riding in the US but takes up a lot of limited memory in my android phone; so I will uninstall it when I get home.
Here are my friends for riding in the rain,​

Mr Plexus on the outside if my visor allows me to see through the road grime of the truck spray and Mr Defogit helps to keep the inside of my visor fog free.

More Adventure

11 May

Thanks to Jennifer and Mark we had a comfortable stay in Springboro OH. Wow, it sure is flat country compared to 6 days of West Virginia twisties.​

Wednesday, riding the “Tripple Nickel” Hwy 555 southbound to Marietta was a blast. We checked into a Red Roof motel, made a quick GPS route and rode NEly up Hwy#26 and looped back to the motel just before dark; after only one deadender gravel road that deteriorated into a muddy trail. Sam will recognize this picture of a special place on Hwy #26, and now is in the process of being repainted.​
Poor for both the Spyder and Vstrom, neither have skid plates.

Hocking Hills

9 May

On the way to Springboro OH to visit Jennifer and Mark we stopped for a short hike into Old Man’s Cave in the state park.

We had only an hour of cold wet riding. It’s been 7 days of riding and Springboro is the turn around.

Webster Springs WV

8 May

It’s going to be a cool start this morning.

Hopefully it warms a bit before we get to Athens OH tonight. We rode for 2.5 hours before finding a breakfast stop and I ate the “hungry man special.” While still in West Virginia on the way to Ohio I missed 1 rabbit, 2 pea hens, 6 turkey vultures and a deer by about only 1 or 2 feet. It was a serious pucker moment. I nearly clipped her back legs with my front wheel. I was going 45mph and she crossed from my left, running parallel as I braked hard and at the last second she squeezed past my front wheel. I don’t think my deer whistles played any part of my close miss.
We had a great ride leaving WV, WOW.
Later in the afternoon we checked some luggage at the Highlander Motel in Athens and went for a loop ride. Interesting train cars at the museum at Nelsonville.​

West Virginia twisties

7 May

WooHoo what a great day, 410km of twisted pavement. The very best is Back Mountain Road from Durban to Cass. Very cold temps, I’ve had my winter gloves on all day! Apparently 3″ of snow at Snowshoe Mt. and remains of snow on roofs and in the shaded ground areas even late this afternoon.

Seneca Rocks

6 May

We both slept well and like the Koolwink motel. We’re up early today, Saturday, for a long ride through Smoke Hole. The weather forecast is very good for riding.​

Smoke Hole road was a blast.​

We had some rain, fog today and snow flurries at Spruce Knob.
It’s been an enjoyable weekend for me, fun to connect with lots of friends and riding buddies. I can’t say enough about Larry and Kevin the owners/managers of Romney Cycle are great people and with some volunteers they hosted a good event for 85 riders. Thanks.
Tomorrow we’re off to find our way for 5 days of twisties; more in West Virginia and then into Ohio.

On the Road Again

5 May

Its a blast to connect with my friend Jim on his new Spyder. I found some of the best perverted pieces of asphalt that West Virginia has to offer for him to ejnjoy. I thought it was great. But the Spyder with its 3 wheel setup hits 3 times as many bumps and potholes than a motorcycle. WhoHoo for me, but fir Jim, not so much. Ha Ha.​​