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Dark Sky

17 Feb

Last night was a good night for taking pictures of the night sky at the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area; cold and clear with no moonlight (waxing crescent moon of only 1%). It’s the most southerly viewing area in Ontario and only about an hour’s drive north from Kingston. I took some pictures of the Orion constellation in the south, M42 nebula is 1,344 light years away. In a north looking picture I can see the Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million light years away.

Here’s a sky chart to clarify.

There was a pack of coyotes close by and by their yips, barks, and group howls I think they were asserting their rights to the location. It’s mating season and having my female dog in the car did give me reason to be concerned. So I only spent about half an hour viewing and taking pictures and decided to leave.

Billi plays a new game

8 Feb

Billi and I have just found a new game that gets us both outside enjoying all the snow in the backyard. I have hilarious fun using my walking stick to fling her stuffed ring toy and she blasts throw the fluffy snow to fetch it. Ringette keeps both of us amused and certainly gives her lots of exercise.

She is very calm back inside when she is being de-iced.