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Summer Gloves !

4 Nov

I had a fun ride today in summer-like temperatures, 15 C in my summer gloves. They are my favourite gloves and they fit me perfectly and I have been using them for two years but I didn’t expect a warm day in November. The warm weather front is bringing rain and I made it home just as it was starting.
This is my second pair, although the first identical ones still have no holes or stitching issues and I occasionaly wear them. Considering that I had ridden over 50,000 km wearing them they are in decent condition except that the elastic in the cuff is tired and somewhat faded from the sun.


They cost about $35 and offer some very good protection for anyone who doesn’t like to go asphalt surfing bare-handed. They are Schoeller of Switzerland and made of stretchy material with lots of Kevlar and some fine stainless steel wire in the knuckles. These glove are machine washable, no insulation but completely windproof and when riding in wet conditions, simple to wring out and dry. So far there isn’t a loose stitch or worn thread in either pair.

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