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Ontario cold temperatures

29 Dec

Record cold winter temps got the best of my Subaru yesterday in Ottawa. I had to call CAA to get a boost to get started. We did make it home without incident but this morning I bought a new battery charger to be able to maintain the battery up to full charge. ( I just found on the old charger box a date of 1976 and CTC $17.95  ) By my research, the Norco Genius G3500 3.5A unit is the best car charger and I was happy to be able to find one. I paid $89.99 plus taxes at Canadian Tire.  The included pigtail quick disconnect is wired directly to the battery so I don’t have to open the hood and mess around putting the alligator clips onto the proper terminals. Very handy.

The 200km highway trip from Ottawa hadn’t completely charged the battery. Surprised me, but my Subaru service technician says most cars have charging systems designed to only maintain the battery and won’t charge them up after being drained in cold weather trying to start a frozen engine.
I’ve now been using the charger for a few days and checking the voltage as an indication of the overall condition of the battery. I can’t get it to full charge and nder the load of the starter the voltage dropped to only 7.6V Clearly my Subaru needs a new battery.

The cold weather doesn’t slow down my Billi, excited to play fetch with a favorite ring, the temp of – 17°C

In hopes that I can get started tomorrow, I removed the battery and brought it into the house to warm up. I washed it with tepid water and soap. Now about 30 minutes later the top is dry but it continues to make frost on the sides. So I expect that it’s probably frozen, yet it reads 12.44 Volts.

This morning I phoned my Subaru dealer and there isn’t a battery in stock and won’t be for a few days to honour my pro-rated warranty. So I went to the CarQuest auto supply and bought a new 640cca rated batery that solves my problem.​
Sammy helped me install it and the car now starts properly.