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6 Jul

Check out this map, which is created by my SPOT and should update itself automatically. It only shows the past 7 days of active travelling.

If I’m not riding my Suzuki Vstrom DL1000 motorcycle I’m either sorting out all the pictures that I’ve taken or researching and cataloging all the rocks that I’ve collected, or I’m planning my next adventure ride. In between I do some writing and more recently spend time training a young Toller puppy, so don’t expect to read much.


It’s not winter yet

18 Nov

I enjoyed a wonderful day on Wolfe Island, sunny and temperature about 15℃ I don’t often get a chance to ride the bike without the cases and a load of gear. Riding “naked” felt great. The Heidenau K60 Scout tires work well on the back gravel roads where I could get up close to the huge wind turbines. I was able to go out far on the flat rock near the west end of the island.

The picture is at the end of Reed’s Bay Road N 44° 08.199′  W 076° 27.214′ and not too far from the parking lot at Big Sandy. The water is low and the flat limestone rock was clean and dry so I couldn’t resist riding out into the Lake Ontario.  The new tires made me do it.

Now it’s Monday morning and my motorcycle riding world has changed.​

WooHoo coloured leaves

19 Oct

I had a great local ride today on some of my favourite roads.​

The new tires at 35/40 psi are very stable on gravel backroads and seem just as trustworthy in paved corners.

Lots of new parts

17 Oct

My rear tire went flat in the garage and although I plugged it, it wouldn’t hold air pressure so I figured it wasn’t safe to ride to my mechanic’s shop. CAA came to the rescue and I was very impressed with the dolly and winching method used to load it. The bike went to the shop last week, everyone at K-Tec Moto is competent and friendly to deal with.

The lists of parts is long but the existing brakes pads were fine even with 40,000 km. The wheels bearings, the swing arm and suspension fine, and the chain guide ok. The entire exhaust system was removed and the 4 gaskets were replaced, and the underside joint, that I had damaged a couple of years,ago was repaired. It shouldn’t be able to suck in air now causing the after-firing during deceleration. Anyone who has followed behind me knows the sound of my bike on steep downgrades approaching a corner to stop sign. I picked up my bike today and went a ride. The new rubber boot, part of the clutch lever works fine. The new Suzuki $25 mirror post is fine of course but what a crazy price. The new 43/17 sprockets and DID chain are quiet and work well. I liked the Heidenau K60 tires.

​Cupsuptic Lake Campground

22 Sep

This year’s Vstrom Peep Show is at Cupsuptic Lake in Maine. Rick took this picture of me on Tracey Road.

 Eleven of us rode to Dixfield, in the rain, and had an awesome breakfast at the Front Porch Cafe.
Friday night we were all treated to a dinner hosted by Pete and Gini. Wow, she made all the buns and pies.​

NEVA 2016

28 Jul

This year it’s at Pinecreek Campground near Ithaca NY. There were over 60 registered riders and the location was excellent. Five of us had a long backroad ride on Thursday. Thanks Syd, Eric, Bennie and Chris for sticking with me through four detours and one very long deadender. The lodge was plenty large enough for everyone for the dinner on Saturday. Unfortunately the rainy weather and forecasted heavy downpours worried some riders and they left for home on Saturday morning. Larry and I thoroughly enjoyed our day in Ithaca, the Museum of Earth was excellent and we met Aaron Miller at his custom repair shop just south of town. He is obviously a skilled machinist and Harley mechanic. He welcomed us and gladly loaned space and tools to Larry to adjust his chain. We highly recommend Miller’s Motoworks. The weather improved on Sunday, just light rain and drizzle but comfortable temperatures to ride. Larry and I rode homebound together and he stayed overnight at my family cottage north of Kingston.

Rider Training

6 Jul

I’m leaving this morning for Bala and will be staying at Phil’s cottage for a few nights. Tomorrow there are 8 riders meeting up at Clinton Smout’s near Horse Shoe Valley. We made arrangements to use his small off-road bikes in the morning and a varied selection of larger BMW bikes in the afternoon. I’ve met Clinton a few times at Horizon Unlimited events and I’m sure that we are in for a day of great fun. We will have 2 instructors for the day so I expect it to be very informative.

Made it to Phil’s cottage on the Moon River, Pretty Point is a “family museum” full of nostalgic items with stories to match.​

Just Hanging Out

20 Jun

Now 7 months old, Billi is still just hanging out and ENJOYING COTTAGE LIFE.

7 months old

7 months old










The picture below, six months old and weighing in at 30 pounds.

Just spending time at the cottage. Billi has learned to fetch and spends time on the shore watching carefully for something.


She swims very well, retrieves sticks and launches off the dock into the water. Thankfully she leaves swimmers alone and doesn’t try to climb on them and scratch with her sharp nails.  She seems to act as our lifeguard, sometimes swimming out and circling once just to check on us.


S0306629w Billi - Buck Lake, Ontario