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6 Jul

Check out this map, which is created by my SPOT and should update itself automatically. It only shows the past 7 days of active traveling.

If I’m not riding my Suzuki Vstrom DL1000 motorcycle I’m either sorting out and editing pictures that I’ve taken, or researching and cataloging all the rocks that I’ve collected, or I’m planning my next adventure ride. In between, I do some writing and more recently spend time dog training my young Toller, so don’t expect to read much.



200,000 km

18 Jul

Last night just after sunset when I was riding home from the cottage my odometer clicked over at 200,000 km. WooHoo. I wasn’t on a major trip or anywhere spectacular. My trusty 2007 Suzuki Vstrom DL 1000 is still working well and completely reliable. When I bought it new I never imagined that I would travel so much, I’ve see so much of North America and met so many awesome people. It’s been a wondetful geography lesson.

Homebound from Romney

20 May

Jim and I split about 8:00am and went our separate directions. I’m solo and Jim towards home in North Carolina, with Larry in tow south as far as a campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nice for Jim to have company and being together makes for an easy navigation day for Larry, just to follow.

I enjoyed mostly sun and dry roads and had a fantastic home style dinner for lunch at Rayaunda’s restaurant, and realized is was very close to Beaver Springs Dragstrip, so I rode couple miles north out of my way to see if I might be able to meet up with Beaver Bob and Donna; good for them they recently retired and sold the strip. I decided to stop for the day at a Comfort Inn in Towanda PA. Wow, welcomed with a beer cooler in the lobby! Reasonably long day of 467km so I’m more than half way home.

First adventure 2018

11 May

I’m leaving in the morning for a ride; plan to be home in about 2 weeks. I’ll be meeting another rider Sunday night in Indiana Pennsylvania and eventually we will find our way to the annual, camp&ride event in Romney WV the following weekend.

On Saturday I stopped at the Kinzua viaduct, an amazing construction project in it time but not much left any longer to hold a train.

On Sunday I was the first firstaid trained person on the site of a accident; a van with 3 women, no seatbelts, smucked a hydro pole. Nothing life threatening, no massive bleeding, everyone breathing ok; but cuts, bruises, likely a few broken bones and a back injury. A nurse driving by stopped soon after me and the fireman and medics arrived in about 15 minutes and took over. I expect I missed the actual crash by less than a minute. I surprised my self that I kept so calm.

I had about 1.5 hours of rain Sunday, but otherwise we’ve kept mostly dry.

Jim and have had a very good day, with a real mix of roads to explore.

The rain finally caught up with us this afternoon while on dirt/gravel roads west side of Pine Creek Gorge; via Cedar Run and Slate Run, probably a tornado, judging by all the trees ans branches littering the roads. We’re drying out and have a room at a tavern in Waterville PA.

After lunch today we left for Lock Haven and have spent a dry afternoon in the museum.

Due to the wet weather forecast we choose today, Thursday, as the driest and best to ride and make some mileage and are now in our motel in Romney a day earlier than planned. Today was damp, some rain, but generally a good day with some nice twisties to enjoy. We went our of our way riding a lot of bumpy gravel to get to Oldtown toll bridge crossing the Potomac, only to find it awash with high water and debris. Bummer to have to change our route adding about 2 hours. Met up with some friends and had a group dinner while Larry entertained us.

I love the smell of Plexus in the morning

23 Apr

Finally winter seems to be over, and the weather was perfect today for a ride. Of course the best cleaner for the visor on my motorcycle helmet is Plexus. Its

unique smell reminds me of a famous quote by Robert Duval in the award winning cult war movie Apopolypse Now. I rode for a few hours on the backroads in cottage county north of Kingston; finally the lakes are free of ice.


20 Mar

Today is the first day of spring, here in Kingston and the equinox was at 12:15 while I was riding. The first ride of the season is always fun, even though it was only 0℃. It was just a short trip to the bike mechanic to have some minor repairs.

It’s time

2 Mar

The best camera is the one that’s handy, so in your pocket when you ride is a good idea. It has a nice personal connection to you and the batteries are easy to find where ever you go. It is very similar to my Nikon Coolpix L18. via It’s time

Dark Sky

17 Feb

Last night was a good night for taking pictures of the night sky at the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area; cold and clear with no moonlight (waxing crescent moon of only 1%). It’s the most southerly viewing area in Ontario and only about an hour’s drive north from Kingston. I took some pictures of the Orion constellation in the south, M42 nebula is 1,344 light years away. In a north looking picture I can see the Andromeda galaxy, 2.5 million light years away.

Here’s a sky chart to clarify.

There was a pack of coyotes close by and by their yips, barks, and group howls I think they were asserting their rights to the location. It’s mating season and having my female dog in the car did give me reason to be concerned. So I only spent about half an hour viewing and taking pictures and decided to leave.