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Unpacking, laundry and data dumping

16 Aug

Lots of laundry to do, including my sleeping bag and some very stinky socks and running shoes. My sweat-soaked, road-filthy RoadCrafter suit washed up well and I had sunny weather and a light breeze to dry out my Big Agnes tent. Tomorrow I’ll take the liner out of my helmet and wash it. Even though I wore a sweatwicking skull cap every day, the inside of my helmet is gross considering it was new when I left.  Traveling light on a motorcycle has one major advantage over car camping; there’s not very much gear to unpack and put away.

I successfully have dumped all of my 4112 pictures from four different SD cards and all of my gps tracks and cookie crumbs from the Garmin Zumo 550.

My good friend Jim, who rode with me last summer around the Gulf of the St Lawrence River, has carefully recorded and created a map from all of my SPOT check-in locations; see the pdf file attached.   JPG Gord’s Vancouver Ride 2012

Editing my blog using my computer with a real keyboard and a reliable internet connection is much easier than using my smart phone and intermittent wifi; and it’s  nice to see and have access to the pictures from the Fuji X10.


My final riding day, home to Kingston

14 Aug

I left Parry Sound with a belly full of Bill’s hearty cereal and followed the scenic backway; it does go all the from Vancouver to Kingston. I found a twisted road, new to me that connects hwys 35 & 121 south of Carnarvan; Blairhampton Rd.
I stopped on Haliburton for this train pic and lunch.


I’m home safely. It was great to hug Sam.

Wow, what a ride!

Life aboard Palatine

13 Aug

I enjoyed a relaxing day, even got a short affternoon nap, on the boat. We stayed at the dock and completed a couple of maintenance chores.
As I napped Bill fitted some shiny new bling to the bow.

As usual I ate well, Bill is a good chef.

Normal life when I finaly get home will require me to make some adjusting. I’ve been priveleged to be able to have this adventure.

On my way to Parry Sound

12 Aug

Had a hearty breakfast and was on the road about 9:15 with sun and 20 degrees. It’s oversast now in Espanola.

I’ve arrived in Parry Sound with no rain. Along the way I stopped for picnic lunch at the French River, the visitor center/museum is worth a visit.

One of my favourite views from Belvedere Hill overlooking the Sound with the Coast Guard Base in the foreground and Killbear Provincial Park is the far distant shore.
Great to have a visit with friends at the marina. I had a tour of a 32ft Contessa, I think she has found wonderful owners who will care for her, and in exchange I hope that she will be gracious to them as they learn to sail her. I wish the Dixons all the best; fair winds to you.
I’ll be staying over for 2 nights aboard Palatine.

Litte Basswood Lake

11 Aug

I’m staying with some friends in their beautiful log home on Little Basswood Lake west of Thessalon. This morning we went to visit a newly constructed historic 12 sided barn in Sowerby.

On my way yesterday, I passed through Marathon, Echo Bay and Bruce Mines.

Lake Superior behind me

10 Aug

I’m having brunch in Sault St Marie, taking advantage of the wifi at McDonalds.
I camped last night; provincial parks, combined with a phone ahead reservation fee, are getting to be too expensive just for a sleep.


Wawa Ontario

9 Aug

I left Neys Provincial Park this morning late after sleeping in. The beach was an extraordinary photo opp.

There is more than one goose in town, I thought Taylor might this one hanging in the Wawa visitor’s center.