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It’s Billi’s birthday

6 Feb

Today my Toller turns one year old and there was a yearly celebration at Dragon Luck kennels yesterday; lots of crazy fun outside with about 50 other Tollers. Bill’s mother, her 12 year old grandfather, some siblings, some cousins and many from other breeders were all there. toller-fun-day-s0849492ew It’s not an easy group to manage and to get everyone to keep still and look at the camera for a group picture. Just coincidentally the date corresponds with her birthday. Last year at this time Billi was only a day old and was inside the house with her 7 siblings and mother.

Here’s a picture this morning retrieving her new dummy in the backyard.


Billi had a usual dinner, some raw ground beef and chicken mixed with pieces of broccoli and sugar snap peas. No cake.