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31 Jul

I had a great ride today with Kristin, her first time riding with me. She’s a great sport, we rode some gravel, and had to bail on Swamp road because it became impassable. Go figure, it’s appropriately named. Love all the twisties in the highlands and occasionally get a long distance vista view. Great lunch at the Redneck Bistro in Calabogie. We crossed over the historic rail bed of the K&P in a couple of locations today, at one point riding on the old bed to what is now a dead end at the long gone causeway crossing Calabogie Lake. Want to know more history, follow this link: I’ve had a personal connection with Calabogie for about 45 years and I was flooded today with many great memories.

I found some old crests that would have been on my ski jacket in about 1974. Calabogie crest

Fall River Road

14 Jul

I rode twisted backroads from Kingston in the rain to Long Lake and visited with family at a Long Lake cottage. I met up with another biker ( Greg) at the Maples Restaurant in Sharbot Lake and helped him reroute himself to Algonquin Park via some if my favorite roads. I hope he doesn’t get terribly lost and I look forward to a email from him in a week or so. I explored some dirt/gravel and saw some cedar rail fences and an old log home that deserved some pictures.​

Tiny Ticks

5 Jul

Luckily my young Toller is trusting and allowed my to remove this very tiny black legged tick from her upper right eyelid. I know because I brushed het yesterday in the late afternoon that it hadn’t been there for long; and it wasn’t engorged. Although even a short time came sufficientl for the bacteia to infect her.​

This morning I found another tick.
This one even smaller and on her left lower eyelid. What a difficulty to remove! The tick key didn’t work so I had to use tweezers. It was so well attached that I did pull out some of Billi’s hair before finally getting the tick. Both my wife and I worked on her for about 15 minutes and Billi was incredibly calm and well behaved. I doubt that we could have done this to a person.

Later this afternoon I removed a very small tick on my own leg. It could only have been attached for less than two hours. I’ve taken the suggested dosage of 200mg of doxycycline as a precaution.​
Today, July 15th I just removed another small tick from Billi’s upper left eyelid. Just her eyes, I’ve never seen a tick anywhere else on her, even unattached in her fur! July 17 another tick on her eyelid, and had only been attached for possibly 3 hours or less. I’ve made a removal tool from a plastic drinkit straw by cutting a small “V” shaped notch in the tip. Using the straw is the least likely way to hurt her eye and this method doesn’t squeeze the tick.​It certainly helps if your dog is calm ans well behaved. This time Billi actually jumped up onto the picnic table that we have been using for each removal procedure. She always gets a well deserved treat. I can’t imagine but I think we’ve trained her how to do this as her “tick removal trick.”