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First ride of the season – WooHoo

31 Mar

The Vstrom was a bit lazy to start after her long winter nap in the garage so I had to kick’r in the guts a few extra times.   It was perfect weather yesterday, sunny and warm, for my first ride this year. Great fun and the bike ran perfectly after getting started. I went about 200 km and now I remember why I like to ride.


Dogs or Bikes ?

7 Mar
Due to a self-inflicted decision, I’ve added a complication to my  life. At least for this spring and summer, when the Toller puppy is young, I’ll be busy. Mid April the puppy
 will be coming home, just about a week or so just before the annual Romney event in West Virgina.
It’s a long story and I spent many days of thinking about what turns my crank in life. Riding solo last fall to the Oregon coast and enjoying the mountains in California I di have ots of time to ponder. After I got home I decided after 5 dogless years that I wanted another one. I’ve certainly taken advantage of the fact that I have had few responsibilities around home and so was able to enjoy many long adventures all over North America. I’ve been spoiled many times by my understanding and supportive wife.  After much thinking about my lifestyle and meeting breeders last fall I finally found what I wanted. Getting a registered NSDT  will be a significant new event for me and no doubt will be reflected in some changes in my blog posts.
The Toller breeder near Stittsville, Dragonluck Kennels, spends an amazing amount of her time providing the puppies with lots of stimulation. Following up on this link you can download some interesting and helpful ideas to raise great puppies.
I’m pretty hyped about the whole dog thing, hopefully a new fun chapter in my life, and yes it will impact my long solo riding adventures. No, I don’t plan to get a sidecar. As the dog matures I’ll have more free time to ride.  Meanwhile I may need to ride vicariously by email with some of my buddies. Please stick with me, I’ve no plans to sell the Vstrom.
I’ve seen them weekly since they were born on February 6th. Thye change rapidly.