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NEVA 2018, in Canada eh!

29 Jul

I’m looking forward to visiting and riding with Stromtrooper friends, this year near Gravenhurst Ontario. North East V-strom Adventure rally, a first time that that the event will be in Canada, August 3-5. The registation is promising, with lots of riders making the trip North.

I’m finalizing my packing now because I will be leaving a few days early. No matter how many trips I make, and I have an extensive list; my packing always boils down to counting socks and underwear!

I’m at the family cottage, a beautiful place in the middle of the UNESCO Frontenac Arch Biosphere. What a great place to enjoy and play with my dog Billi. I’ll leave Wednesday for Bracebridge, getting to KOA in Gravenhurst on Thursday.

I had good riding weather to Bracebridge, cloudy with moderate temperature and only about 30 minutes of rain. Hwy 507 through Catchacoma, jog at Goderham onto #3 and to #118 to Halliburton is always s blast.

I decided to leave Friday evening and ride part way towards Ottawa; I ended up staying over night in Bancroft.

I left early Saturday morning and had a fantastic ride with very little traffic. Near Griffith I went south on Centennial Lake Road and followed the twisties to Calabogie….. WooHoo what a flight! Made it to Ottawa in plenty of time to shower and change and get to a family wedding.

All round I had a great few days with friends, NEVA was a success.

200,000 km

18 Jul

Last night just after sunset when I was riding home from the cottage my odometer clicked over at 200,000 km. WooHoo. I wasn’t on a major trip or anywhere spectacular. My trusty 2007 Suzuki Vstrom DL 1000 is still working well and completely reliable. When I bought it new I never imagined that I would travel so much, I’ve see so much of North America and met so many awesome people. It’s been a wondetful geography lesson.