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Mike Buhler Named First Cicerone in Atlantic Canada

28 Aug

Mike Buhler Named First Cicerone in Atlantic Canada.

He’s also a perfect host.  I visited Mike in New Melbourne NL this past summer on my motorcycle riding adventure around the Rock. If you’re on two wheels and in his bailiwick be sure to look him up.



Time to unwind

1 Aug

I will certainly need more than a day to get back to reality in Kingston. I’ve got my stinky socks and running shoes in the washing machine. How’s that for a dose of reality?
I’ve got over 3600 pictures to dump and edit, lots of GPS records to unload into my computer and enough journalling notes to keep me busy writing.

I learned a few things about Newfoundland:

– all of the dead end roads are worth following because they all go someplace worth going, no matter how bad the surface condition becomes.

– the Newfoundland people are the best; generous and welcoming and their pride of ownership is everywhere. Elliston, St. John’s, Grates Cove, La Scie, Leading Tickle, Belleoram, Seal Cove FB.



I’ve got so many mini adventures and memories from the last month of travel that wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity and help from so many people that I met along the way. So many of you gave of your time to answer all my questions and wished me a safe trip. I was welcomed into private homes and some of you gave me gifts. Thank you so much.

I also proved that my Fuji X10 works well, as seen in this unedited picture of two puffins coming in to land near Elliston NL. Now at home with a computer I’ve been able to post some real camera pictures. S0389879