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Newfoundland – we’re both returning in July

27 Feb

Home for us is Ontario and North Carolina; but this summer we’ll meet mid-way in New Hampshire and be riding towards Newfoundland on Canada Day.

Wonder where Gord is ?   Only if I’m traveling will this link connect you, via my SPOT check-in location page, to a map showing locations during the past week.  I usually check in a few times each day as I ride.


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We enjoyed the great food and the wonderful people that we met in the summer of 2011 during our trip completely around the Gulf of the St Lawrence River.  Most of our mileage was on paved roads, some on gravel and the rest by supply ship. We had passage for 2 nights on the Relais Nordic to follow the Lower North Shore in Quebec. Up-stream between Blanc-Sablon and Natashquan  hwy #138 has a serious gap of approximately 400km.  The ship stops at many of the remote villages along the way allowing us to disembark each time for a short walkabout.

I’ve stored some of  our pictures in the following location

The scenery along the west coast of the Rock, from Port Aux Basques to L’Anse Aux Meadows is awesome, so we’re returning to explore as much of the remaining coastline as our schedule will allow.

We learned so much history in the museums; small private collections and displays, UNESCO World Heritage sites and interpretation centers.


We remember some great meals including a decadent brunch at The Norseman and moose burgers at Cow Head. We enjoyed dinner at a picnic table with the best view in St Anthony, where we woofed down sandwiches of homemade partridge-berry jam from a road-side stand and thickly spread peanut butter on seven-grain bread from the local Co-op store.



OCMC – Ice Racing

10 Feb

Canadian winter doesn’t get much better than today. As a spectator, I had a great photo opportunity in Bewdley Ontario at  the end of Rice Lake, watching a group of thrill seeking ice-racers enjoy a frozen lake.

The event was organized by the

Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club

DSCF7053e_edited-1These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures that I took today. ( Just for the record, I don’t ice race, I just take pictures. My Vstrom prefers dry surfaces. )





Extreme GriptionDSCF6761e_edited-1


Sidi riding boots – now better than new

6 Feb

My Sidi On Road Gore-tex riding boots have been resoled and are now better than new. Thanks to Rodney, my new Vibram #148 Kletterlift soles will probably last for many more adventure riding miles.

Sidi & new Vibram soles

I decided to get flat soles in order to have more traction area and additional stiffness under my foot, on the foot pegs. Custom repairs and modifications are no problem for Rodney and he says that Sidi boot soles like mine can be easily cut off and new ones glued on.  He cut off the old worn rubber tread, built up the arch, and using  soles in stock finished the job in a week. I’m pleased with the $70 repair job and I recommend his business to others.

The upper boot leathers are still in good condition but the soles had worn down prematurely and I thought, that before I slip and fall down, I should either replace the boots or get them repaired.  After 4 seasons and over 90,000km I guess that I can’t really complain  to Sidi;  the rubber on my boots far outlasts a few sets of Tourance tires on my Vstrom.

old Sidi worn soles