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Nova Scotia Duck Toller

27 Dec

The Nova Scotia Duck Toller is one of few purely Canadian breeds and originates from Little River Nova Scotia.

They are thickly coated, active and smart working dogs and well suited to family and cottage life or Canadian winter conditions. The puppy in the picture (Kalmeguess Kennel) was about 6 weeks old and is probably now with her new family.IMAG7182ew Kalmegess Kennels

Getting a four-legged personal outdoor trainer will be good for my overall health and a riot to play with at the cottage. These dogs are energetic and most have an extra “retrieving” gene in their makeup, some puppies are born ready and willing to play fetch. I can hardly wait for the dog hair on the car seats and goobers on the windows and the late night walks in the rain and all the other responsibilities that we’ve been free of for the last 5 dogless years.  I already have a new crate and thinking hard about appropriate names.

We’ve recently visited some kennels in Ontario and met some breeders. It’s been a pleasure; all have welcomed us and been overly generous sharing their time and knowledge of Tollers. I’ve focused in on two breeders in Ontario and am on waiting lists for a puppy.

Any and all of the dogs that we have met are playful and friendly, anyone of them would be fun to own. The puppies of course are loveable red fuzz balls.

There is a noticeable theme to my presents this Christmas morning and I was as excited as a young kid.

On Saturday February 6th, 2016,  8 puppies were born at Dragonluck Kennels near Stittsville, Ontario.  One of these will be mine, but it must be about 10 weeks old before it will leave it’s litter mates and travel home with me to Kingson. Here’s a picture taken at 7 days old
of the 8 puppies cuddled together for comfort.