Archive | May, 2012

Piles of gear

27 May

Only 24 days left until I leave. Small piles of gear are appearing in the garage and the house and things are gradually being struck off the many lists. Hopefully I won’t forget anything essential and it all has to pack onto the bike.  My Suzuki Vstrom is well maintained and has proven to be completely reliable on all of my rides. I do carry a tool-kit, although it rarely gets used. My SOG multi-tool and my CAA card are all I probably need. I do carry a oil filter and such few other spare parts that they fit in a film container. New tires ordered, I usually end up having them changed slightly prematurely to save the hassle of trying to re-tire on a trip. Oil & coolant will be changed in the next few days, and a final check-over by my trusted dealer mechanic is scheduled.

Canadian Road Toad goes Stromabout

11 May

Canadian Road Toad goes Stromabout in the Rocky Mountians and Badlands. Leaving Kingston Ontario mid June and riding solo westbound through the US, I hope to cross from Montana into Wyoming via the Beartooth Pass on Canada Day. I’m expected in the Vancouver and Kelowna area mid July so my wife can join me for a week riding in the Rockies and then I’ll be homebound mostly through southern Canada. I’ve planned an eight-week trip with an expected total of about 14,000km mostly on secondary paved roads with some gravel backroads. I’ve researched extensively and have detailed gps routes in my Zumo; this picture from an old atlas keeps it simple. I’m open to route suggestions regarding my trip. Weather permitting I’ll be tenting when possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog as I have time and a wifi connection. Thanks to so many of you who have already shared your ideas and helped me learn enough skills to undertake this adventure.

Fuji X10

3 May

In preparation for my trip this summer I have a new Fuji X10 camera that will hopefully take me from snapshots with my old Nikon L18 into a new world of photography. I purchased it from Camera Kingston because of their vast selection, good prices and knowledgeable staff.