Crazy Covid World

30 Apr

I want to suggest to my followers, please if you have some background in math to help others understand what an exponential growth curve is. I truely feel that very few know what that is, or even know what data is plotted on each axis of the curve. Yet people are daily expected to help flatten the curve. So WTF does that mean? I think we all need some simple biology to know how exponential growth applies to our normal everyday life, such as growth of mould in an old loaf of breaf; before fear of a virus overwhelms our knowledge. I’m not implying that Covid19 is simple.

It is a most serious threat to human life on earth. But fear and panic are sometimes the result of nothing more than a basic lack of knowledge of science.
“Flatten the Curve” is analogous to yelling “you gotta get some drive out of the sail” to someone with no sailing experience who is struggling to steer a wind-surfer and is desperately wanting to get safely back to shore.

I’m equally freaked by our science, medical & political specialists who are working hard but struggling and really not helping Canadians understand this virus pandemic.

If you do find graphs helpful this site is excellent

In my opinion the mythical fear and anger building is limiting our ability to properly cope. We can’t hope to beat, what we don’t understand. 

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