Almost Home

28 May

Monday was a fantastic day of riding, great roads and the most comfortable weather since leaving the Great Smokies a week ago. Sunny but comfortable temperatures so I had the zippered vents in my RoadCrafter suit closed most of the day. I arrived at my friends late in the afternoon, a 530km day that included some Pensylvania gravel roads the my gps choose for me as part of a shortest route setting, even though it was set to avoid gravel. I am a very experienced Garmin GPS user, and I have been very impressed with my new Zumo 396. I still have my model 12 in perfect working order that I bought in 2001, and a deluxe Nuvi 3597LM that we use in the car, but recently I sold my old trusted Zumo 550.

Rich and Carol live in a rural setting in a wonderful ICF home in the Finger Lakes of NY state. From here is an easy half day ride home to Kingston. They have welcomed me many times at the end of a long ride.

I’m sure that my wife appreciates that Carol helps me wind down to near normal before I get home. I’m going to stall a day here to avoid the rainy weather. The chilly teperatures associated with this weather are so nice.

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