Garmin Zumo 396

25 May

Wow, so much more than my old Zumo 550 so a comparison isn’t fair. Admittedly my old eyes can’t read half of the information unless I’m wearing my reading glasses. My choice for riding is to wear my contact lenses giving me excellent distance and peripheral vision and they don’t get dirty or fog up or drip with perspiration on hot days like I’ve be riding in. And of course my full coverage helmet doesn’t accommodate reading glasses. My best solution is to wear very slightly tinted sunglasses inside my visor, cutting down on reflections and most glare. Darker glasses add some comfort but cause my pupils to dialate slightly which makes close-up reading even worse. Any way I don’t get lost and see well to ride safely. Too bad I don’t look as good as I see (no comments please). I used crazy glue and baking soda, a catalyst, to create a nubbin on my left finger.

It’s my driving finger, and my Adventure Rider Saluting finger and it works great to poke the Garmin screen precisely.

The unit is mounted conveniently close to my left hand and the nubbin works like my fingernail.

The Garmin “shortest distance” route calculating proved to be a powerful tool to route straight through big cites. I went right through the downtown guts of Nashville today at noon easily, and this evening through Lexington was a simple 25 minute ride. Hey Larry, try that with a strip, of your turn-by-turn scribbles, taped to your fuel tank!!

Anyway a productive riding day of 550km. I’ve ridden EFI of the Natchez Trace Parkway, it’s like a narrow green ribbon of sanity hidden inside a spiderweb of interstates, expressways and high speed traffic. It is memorial day holiday weekend, but traffic on backroads and lesser highways is not a problem, allthough my first motel choice was full. Just as the sun was setting, I settled myself safely and comfortably in a Red Roof Inn on the North edge of Lexington Kentucky.

I’ve still got about 1000km or 12 riding hours split over the next 2 days because I would like to visit my friends in the Finger Lakes NY, on Monday night. I will be going thru Pittsburgh tomorrow, Sunday, late in the afternoon. I may easily loose a day with traffic or weather.

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