NEVA in the Poconos

7 Aug

I had a great weekend camping at Keen Lake Campground just east of Waymart PA. There were approximately 30 riders and most of us tented in the same large camping area; fortunately, we had good weather. Many thanks to the organizers, lunch Saturday at Butterfield Cafe in Deposit PA was perfect and so was the catered dinner. There was lots of great food; meaning we all ate twice what we needed and there were still leftovers.

I’ve a bit of a mess to cleanup with my pictures and hopefully I can edit some of them into decent images. I thought that maybe I because the ISO setting at auto 800 was a mistake; because most of my pics are look overexposed. A couple of them are perfect which is confusing?? Now it seems that my exposure compensation dial isn’t working consistently and that explains the problem. Many of the pictures have an exposure bias of 2.0 EV yet the physical dial wasn’t changed. I’ve just determined that the dial is pressure sensitive to my right thumb; so depending who I grip the camera when I depress the shutter the exposure bias increases. Oh Oh, that’s not good.

I planned an interesting homebound route to see some historic railway bridges. I resorted to using a Wiki picture of the bridge in Nicholson; aka Tunkhannock Viaduct is the longest concrete bridge in the US, completed in 1915 and still in use. At 2375ft long and standing 240ft tall is would dwarf the Starrucca Viaduck stone arch bridge 1040ft long, in Lanesboro PA that we saw on Saturday. But the Starruca stone structure finished in 1848 in some ways is more impressive and deserves its right to be in the registry of historic places.  On my way home I rode under a few railways through long dark tunnels, each being a marvel of construction date stamping the economic times in the region.
I couldn’t resist stopping at an intersection when I was this sign in Virgil NY .      


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