Aerostich RoadCrafter washing

15 May

By the time I got home my suit was nicely soiled by road grime splashed and sprayed at me by trucks on wet roads. I used our home front loading washing machine after removing all of the body armour and opening all pockets and zippers before washing. It’s a two step process using Nikwax products. ​
Firstly, washing in warm water with 100ml of Tech Wash and warm water on heavy duty cycle with high spin; it’s important to have the suit thoroughly rinsed with no soap reside. Secondly waterproofing with 200ml of TX. Direct wash-in using warm water on delicate cycle and low spin.

I partially dried the suit outside in the sun and finished it in our dryer set on low heat. I believe that the temperature of the dryer improves the waterproofing.
Then I spent about 30 minutes carefully picking out the “cro jam” from all the Velcro.​


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