Webster Springs WV

8 May

It’s going to be a cool start this morning.

Hopefully it warms a bit before we get to Athens OH tonight. We rode for 2.5 hours before finding a breakfast stop and I ate the “hungry man special.” While still in West Virginia on the way to Ohio I missed 1 rabbit, 2 pea hens, 6 turkey vultures and a deer by about only 1 or 2 feet. It was a serious pucker moment. I nearly clipped her back legs with my front wheel. I was going 45mph and she crossed from my left, running parallel as I braked hard and at the last second she squeezed past my front wheel. I don’t think my deer whistles played any part of my close miss.
We had a great ride leaving WV, WOW.
Later in the afternoon we checked some luggage at the Highlander Motel in Athens and went for a loop ride. Interesting train cars at the museum at Nelsonville.​


One Response to “Webster Springs WV”

  1. shaundebbie May 8, 2017 at 7:20 am #

    Am envious except for the temp. Love to connect sometime. Enjoy!

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