Horizons Unlimited

15 Jun

June 9 – 12 at Camp Tamarack, Bracebridge Ontario.


There were approximately 150 persons registered for this get together of world travelers. I’m sure there were over a hundred motorcycles. Great people and lots of seminars and stories, and a wealth of information being shared. One of the riders in my bunkhouse is from Finland and had recently been to Ushuaia, the southern tip of South America. The stickers on his hard cases tell just part of his story.


Minimal accomodations but everything I needed, so I slept well each night and wasn’t even bothered by anyone snoring.


I was impressed with the cleanliness and functional design of the new washroom and shower building. The overall venue was perfect for the event and provided lots of spaces for camping. I choose to stay in a bunkhouse with a real roof and not bother with my tent and as it turned out, the loud  heavy rain at 3:00am Saturday sounded better on the metal roof than it would have on my tent.


I had a nice backroad tour on the way up Thursday with Dieter, Bob and John and riding solo on Sunday back to the cottage near Kingston.


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