NOAA weather

28 Oct

I’ve a free NOAA weather android app on my phone that works where ever I can get WiFi and has been invaluable on this trip. When riding in the mountains the elevation is critical and this app has that information clearly shown without having to search for it. The radar map is easy to pan and zoom and runs quickly. Todays weather is wet, windy and cold. That sucks on a bike at highway speeds. We expected it and we can’t blame NOAA. We made a decision to stay over at our friends home for a day even though we are just an easy day ride home to Kingston. Look at these two pictures and our options. Cozy and warm inside


or wet, cold and windy outside

Sammy has about 7000 kilometers on her butt since I picked her up in Las Vegas and I’ve about 17,000km since I left home in September. We’re not wussy riders but riding home in this wet weather to complete such a grand adventure just isn’t an option.

We have the use of Carol’s car for the day and will pick up a few ingredients at the grocery store in Naples; it’s our turn to make dinner. We arrived early and parked here

to pick up Carol from her office.

She works in a family owned and operated winery. Some of the building complex is historic dating back to 1852.

On a few occasions I’ve enjoyed a glass or two of Schooner Red; one of my favourite voluptuous tasting wines image

We slept in until about 8:00 and saw some blue sky. Maybe 30% blue and the rest clouds, so it should be decent for our last day’s ride. It’s 12℃ and will be dropping during the day. If we don’t get wet we can be comfortable in 10℃ to ride all day.
Just after a rain shower we packed up and were on the road at 10:00 The sky was clearing and within about 30 minutes we had sun and blue sky above us. Of course at the back of the weather front, as it cleared it got colder and windier. We had lunch in Watertown and were excited to cross into Canada shortly. But alas the Thousand Islands Bridge was closed, for safety reasons, to us and some high light trucks and RVs because of winds gusting to 75mph. The bridge is high and straight and has solid decking; I’ve been over it many times.

So we had to go out of our way about 50 miles east to the bridge near Ogdensburg. It’s also plenty high, but is curved and has an open deck that gave me the willies the first time I crossed. I felt like I was riding over a giant cheese grater and if I fell and went for a slide I would end up dripping through down into the river.

The steel grated bridge over the St Lawrence River is long, high and curved. Today it was extremely windy and combined with a small amount of drizzle the open grated deck was slick. I would describe the entire crossing today as insanely treacherous. Then of course having to backtrack the same 50 miles west, so adding two hours to our ride home.

Sammy has been baffled in the past few days why there is such a discrepancy between the GPS calculted Estimated Time of Arrival and when we actually arrive at our destination. We’ve been really late some days and ridden in the dark much to her dislike. Today I realized the the difference between the GPS ETA and Actual Arrival is simply the Adventure. Mathmatically speaking:

Anyway we finally got safely to Kingston at 6:30pm. Having ridden 500km today we are tired and hungry and very happy to be home.
I left home 49 days ago; about 17,000 kilometers and 5300 pictures.
What a Ride! What and adventure!

Bilbo Baggins replies to Gandalf, who is looking for someone to share in an adventure. “We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”  The Hobit, JRR Tolkien

My count now is 45 states and 10 provinces visited. It’s been to 220 ft below sea level and over 12,000 ft elevation. The Vstrom odometer reads 176,809 kilometres (or 109,864 miles) and the bike is reliable and still running well. I’m very impressed with Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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2 Responses to “NOAA weather”

  1. Stromtrooper Mudbutt October 28, 2015 at 7:11 pm #

    This post made me think of the guy we met in Pro Caliper in Bend who never road in the rain before. I did here some rain drops on the roof last night for a couple of minutes but its been sunny all day!

    • Stromtrooper Mudbutt October 28, 2015 at 7:11 pm #


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