20 Oct

First planned stop today was at the National Historic Site at the Washita massacre. Early in the morning on a cold wintery November daybreak Col. George Custer and his cavalry troops murdered Chief Black Kettle, his wife, many women and children, and a few sleeping warriors. A tragic moment in history in which a peaceful Cheyenne Chief, who had previously signed treaties, was murdered by a legendary decorated soldier under governmental orders. It is referred to as the Battle at Washita River; a surprise attack on a peaceful Cheyenne encampment. Those not murdered were taken captive and witnessed the slaughter of all of their ponies and mules, over 800 animals and the burning the lodges, and winter clothing and food supplies.
The friendly and very knowledgeable staff at the visitors center were most informative. Thank you Katherine for you time spent with me talking about buffalo jumps.


We are very comfortable staying in Stillwater OK at the Wyndhan Garden Hotel; Sammy found it and booked ahead using Hotwire. It’s an older place that be well upgraded and very thoughtfully appointed with fixtures and furniture; we highly recommend it.

We have arranged to treat the Suzuki to new oil and a filter in the morning at Stillwater Kawasaki – Suzuki. The whole crew there were great to me. I was well treated and the bike is happy. These people have extensive race experience and know engines and motorcycles.

We hauled it to non-stop to Tahleguah, a distance of about 230km, to have lunch at Sam and Ella’s


It’s a locally known favourite that I had researched months ago. Our leftover pizza is sufficient for our dinner.

We are staying overnight in the EconoLodge in Fayetteville Arkansas. We crossed over a state line and didn’t even notice.

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