Texas, just passing through

19 Oct

This afternoon we left NM behind and rode into the small town of Texline Texas, then Dalhart and from there straight east across the panhandle, along some paved roads that no tourist has ever seen. Just us and an occasional pickup truck or transport. We lead for a while one of the very few cars we saw, but shortly after they passed us they were stopped by a state trooper. The posted speed limit was 60mph and we were just lucky it was them and not us. Straight roads through corn and cow county mixed with oil pump-jacks. We made it safely to Canadian TX at 8:30pm in darkness and got one of the last hotels rooms available. This is the morning after “welcome to Canadian”

The headlight needs adjusting because of the change in load. A small increase in passenger weight has the high beams pointing up in the sky and of no use. We didn’t plan to ride much at night but I will make an adjustment this morning.
We saw this sad sight in the morning, fortunately with our poorly aimed headlights we were not involved. Seeing all the roadkill keeps one alert when riding day or night.

This is oil worker country, so it’s all crazy including the high prices. We both agree that there is probably a more scenic area in this big state.

As we were leaving one state and entering another along highway #33, I found the monument at the 100° meridian. WooHoo Sam has her left foot still inTexas and her right in Oklahoma.image

The GPS on the bike shows that I didn’t park in exactly the right location

I was just hanging around in Oklahoma and not bothering to move the bike a few feet. We didn’t get an opportunity to just stand on the corner in Winslow AZ so this is my crazy idea of a good replacement

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