New Mexico

18 Oct

We got up early as usual but didn’t eat our hearty breakfast at the cafe until 8:00, we were waiting until it opened and were the first customers of the day. Sam went for an omelet and I woofed a burrito with eggs, bacon, elk sausage all rolled up and lathered with spicy sauce. Before we left we walked around the historic village, the Hot Sulphur Baths had closed many years ago. Interesting name considering there is no sulphur in the water.

Sam made some new friends today, and chatted for a while so we didn’t leave until 10:00
We took many pictures of the Soda Dam, a natural formation built up over centuries of calcium carbonate deposits, bubbling up from the hot spring. Sam took this pic of me in the dam.

I kept wondering, what were the Spaniards doing here 500 years ago?
We didn’t go into the Valles Caldera but did ride the high rim of the volcano and went to over 9000ft elevation.image
It is a big healthly looking forest at 9000ft and in some of the views are massive rock walls.

Sam got creative with a selfie in front of Tafoya’s Truchas General Store, this old town is worn out but an artist who is a stone carver, painter and potter lives and works here in Truchas; his partner Donna welcomed us into their home/studio.


Today I got a chance to play in some mountain twisties; excellent road surface and mostly open sight lines. I’m happy riding fast when I can see where I’m going and Sam seems unphased through the corners at any speed and just keeps taking pictures.

We stopped at the visitors center about 3:00 in Taos and decided to stay here overnight at the historic Sagebrush Inn. We were made to feel particularly welcome with a gift of a bottle of red wine. After a glass and a snack we rode about 3 miles to the downtown and parked just across the street from Kit Carson’s house. We’re eating grocery store dinner back on our hotel room in our pajamas and have laundry pre-soaking in the bath tub.

The Inn was very quiet and we slept well and enjoyed an extensive breakfast buffet of real food, not the usual crappy continental breakfast of prepackaged junk food.
Riding part way around the Enchanted Circle twisties was great and we topped over 9000ft on a pass. Along the way we stopped to take a picture of our new waterproof yellow bag that we bought in Taos to replace the white garbage bag. It also adds to our Hi-Viz look don’t you think?

We stopped in at Angel Fire ski resort and at Eagle Nest

we began the downhill exit of our mountain experience. The road to Cimarron is great motorcycle road. In town we deviated off hwy #64 and took the old historic Santa Fe Trail

and ended up in Springer for lunch. The mountains and twisties are now behind us. It’s been great.
We decided when we stopped for an ice-cream cone in Dalhart Texas to make it a long haul day and accomplish some distance in the homebound direction.
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One Response to “New Mexico”

  1. Laura Gill October 19, 2015 at 6:59 pm #

    I’m really enjoying following along. I would love to see a lot more of that part of the world. It’s hard waiting for retirement to hurry up! Great pictures as usual. Today is election day and Blue Jays game. I think everyone in the country knows what they are watching on TV tonight.

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