First Day of Rain

16 Oct

We expected to get wet today and although we skirted most of the rain, we did have one heavy downpour with some hail but only for about 15 minutes. This was the first rain for me since I left Ontario behind nearly five weeks ago.

My RoadCrafter suit is pertfect for intermittent rains because it’s waterproof so I just open or close vents as required. Sam’s jacket is waterproof but her pants need the warm waterproof liner to be zipped inside. It’s a stupid design typical of most motorcycle gear that I think is inside out. After the rain we stopped and she put my spare FroggToggs pants over hers. Quite the fashion statement!

So, we’ve holed up for the night at a Quality Inn in Window Rock AZ, great hotel, nice clean modern rooms, good restaurant and fantastic WiFi in rooms and internet access also in their business center. The Quality Inn where we are staying plus in Page and Tuba AZ Is owned and run by the Navajo. The staff were extremely courteous and helpful and we felt good about go ing business to the local community. Walking distance to the museum where we spent the last couple of hours. image

It’s a beautiful building and has a good community library.

Early morning visit to the Window Rock and the memorial to the Navajo WW2 Veteran’s who participated in the secret Code Talkers project in the south Pacific.

Hope to continue without much rain northerly on BIA-12 through Shiprock and Farmington and then south-easterly into the Santa Fe National Forest mountains of NM tomorrow; without too much rain.

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