North Rim – Grand Canyon

13 Oct

We are fortunate to have a weather opportunity to be able to safely ride into the remote North Rim areas. There are no freezing and icy concerns and no forecasted weather alerts that I’m aware of. I expect to get to Bright Angel Point and with luck we might get to Cape Royal and Point Imperial.


The North Rim officially closes on or before October 15th but remains open for day use only with no facilities until snowfalls close the roads. We got lucky today and got to all 3 locations and had bright clear skies for pictures.
After crossing the Colorado River and Glen Canyon dam we ended up staying in the Clarion Hotel in Page AZ. We were still riding into dusk at Marble Canyon and the sunset on the red cliffs in Antelope Pass on highway 89 were spectacular.

We are in the middle of a large Navajo reservation with very limited internet. Posting any pictures will have to wait.


We’re now in Cameron with coffee in a nice cool shaded garden after a ride at 75mph for about an hour. We had the chance to ride up last night towards Page in sunsetting conditions and down this morning.

Today we toured along the edge of the South Rim, of course along with a gazillion other people. The village was a crowded zoo. But interesting to ride around through it. I love this picture of Sammy, overlooking the canyon, with the Horizons Unlimited sticker so proudly displayed.image

We stopped in a shaded area for our picnic lunch of peanut butter and jam on week old pita bread. It was ok, but the distant view made it all seem wonderful.
I got a couple of deserved minutes to relax.

It’s a tough trip you know; I do all the “driving” and all Sam has to do is take pictures and not fall off the bike.

Along the road we met Betty Gordy who makes and sells Navajo jewelry.

We’re staying in Flagstaff AZ at The L Motel right on Route 66. Not fancy, but everything we need and at a good price. In fact it is perfect; good price, parking at our door, excellent shower, kingsize bed, and gets a 10% discount for good food and draft beer across the street at Grannies. Important to me it has a smokin fast WiFi connection.

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