Riding solo isn’t solitary

10 Oct

I meet so many people when riding alone that it is actually a very social experience.

I’ve many people to thank for their help, their kindness and their conversations. Through a variety of internet connections many have helped me route plan and make the necessary preparations. Without the Stromtrooper forum I would never have decided to buy a Vstrom. It’s because of some of those members that I became so afflicted with the long distance riding disease.


Many members on the Adventure Riders forum generously offer accomodation space that I feel guilty riding through their neighbourhoods and not saying hello.

I’ve been humbled that there are world travelers belonging to Horizions Unlimited that make my trips seem very modest. Those who I’ve met are great people and have even more stories to tell than I can muster.
I’ve been made to feel most welcome in Las Vegas staying with Jacob, his wife and their housemates.

I connected with my wife this morning for the first time in a month. Finding my way to the prearranged meeting location at the main entrance of the MGM Grand hotel in downtown Las Vegas and getting out again was a challenge. Upon leaving I got sucked into what a I might call a navigational vortex that lead only to the airport. When I pick her up tomorrow I will try to avoid the same mistake.

I managed to find my way to BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas and picked Tom’s brain about a replacement for my well used bike. He was certainly generous with his time but can’t sell new bikes to Canadians. Bummer eh? Haha,

so I guess Sammy and I will just enjoy our trip as planned riding the trusty Vstrom.

Just for the record I’ve not tipped over on this trip.

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One Response to “Riding solo isn’t solitary”

  1. Stromtrooper Mudbutt October 11, 2015 at 10:30 am #

    Good to see your on schedule and in Sin City.

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