Yosemite National Park

7 Oct

I entered the park yesterday morning and camped overnight. Lots of people and traffic but worth the detour from my original route.
The Tioga Pass on hwy#120 is an amazing way to enter the park. Look closely and see a faint line across the picture below; it’s the road.image
I think that every day for the last 3 weeks I’ve seen some snow, either close up or off in the distant mountains. I still have many thousands of kilometers to go before I get home.

Wow, the rock domes at Glacier Point! (Fuji X10 picture)

DSCF4930ew Glacier Point

This must be the mother of all glacial erratics that I’ve seen scattered all over North America. (HTC One X smart phone)image
I met up with some Canadians, from Quebec on their 1983 Honda Gold Wing; it’s older than they are yet still going strong.

I’m in Lee Vining at the Mono Lake Committee Information Center, very friendly and helpful to have WiFi. I’ll get some food in town and the bike is fueled and ready to go towards Lone Pine.
I made a loop through June Lake.

Very beautiful, not as much of a spectacle as the Park,

but a much more pleasant ride without the traffic. I’ve had enough of poor drivers in a hurry just to get to the next pull-off to take a selfie. Yosemite seems to be a magnet for people in a hurry and disrespectful noisy campers. I’ve nothing but good things to say about drivers all over the US. It just boggles my mind why someone would come to Yosemite to tailgate and exceed the moderate speed limits and risk themselves, and others to say nothing about the wildlife. I guess I’ve been spoiled for the last few thousands of miles.
I took a twisty ride to the lifts at Mammoth Mountain. Big ski resorts always have some of the best sweepers, well designed for heavy winter traffic.

I decided to get a motel room in Bishop and probably a haircut in the morning before I leave town. This is a nice town, friendly happy personable people, a couple of well stocked outdoor stores and distant snowy mountains in all directions. I must have picked the right place, the ThunderBird is a block off the main street and as such the price is fair. After I checked in two groups of 4 more bikers arived. A collection of Harleys and Gold Wings. Tomorrow or Friday I’ll ride towards Death Valley. The temperatures forecasted swing from 66degF to 105degF. That’s hot in a RoadCrafter suit; I’m glad it is October and not July! I will check in at the visitor’s center at Lone Pine tomorrow and figure out my best plan. I understand from some bikers here at the motel, 4 guys from Holland on rental Harley Davidsons, that it recently rained hard recently in Death Valley and so I might see green vegetation. The rest of the state, that I’ve seen is suffering a long drought.
Highway 395 south has snow peaked mountain scenery and cruising speed is perfect at 75mph with no cross winds. Of course I found some scenicbackroads to take some pictures. image

At Lone Pine I stopped for Shell gas and met a local on his new 2015 BMW R1200R which I got to sit on. Nice lightweight small feeling bike. He told me where to get a good brunch, Totem Cafe.

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