How to scrub in new tires

29 Sep

My new tires installed at Pro-Caliber of course needed to be scrubbed in. The sidewalls might have some slippery stuff to be scuffed or cleaned off and the carcass should go through a couple of heat cycles. Bob and I left Redmond this morning and  fuelled up in Sisters, rode over McKenzie Pass where I took a sequence of photographs with my Fuji X10 camera of Bob in the corners. This road is great!

I told Bob that he doesn’t ever need to bother going to the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap in North Carolina because Oregon has better twisties.
We visited Sahalie Falls on hwy#126, then into #20, dropping a couple of thousand feet vertical, and fueled up and had lunch in Sweet Home. The road down from the pass is one of the most enjoyable twisties that I have ever ridden.
There was a series of warning signs, 1st, 2nd and last

thanks for returning and getting this.

WooHoo what a great way to break in my new rubber. We split after lunch, he got home safely and I made it to the coast at Newport.

I expect to ride an hour south and camp at Honeymoon state park. I fueled up at a Shell station and had a long conversation with a retired fisherman. Actually a nice guy, a bit down on his luck but he does know about weather. His phone and NOAA and his interpretation convinced me it’s fine to camp for the night and not to expect to get wet. Possibly damp only on Wednesday, tomorrow, afternoon. But than riding south I saw a small fresh fish & chips restaurant at the south edge of town and decided to camp at the South Beach State Park just south of Newport and have some fish. So checked into a site, put up my tent and rode back to eat. The fresh ling cod dinner for $10 was very good.

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  1. Bob Majka September 29, 2015 at 8:33 pm #

    Gord, Sahalie Falls.

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