Now I’m in Idaho

19 Sep

Hwy 22 to Victor was great but shortly the enjoyable mountains were behind me.


It is a bit empty from Idaho Fall to Arco, good roads and few cars. I’m impressed that at higher than usual sustained speeds the Vstrom engine isn’t using any significant amount of oil. Last night I added only about 200ml to top it up. The bike is working just great as expected and hoped.
Passed by the location of the old nuclear station, Arco was the first community in the world to be powered by nuclear energy.

I lucked out in Arco at the KOA getting a teepee at no extra cost; thank you kindly Angela, $28 inclusive with showers and breakfast is awesome. My Micro-Start PPS battery is working well to charge camera batteries and my phone; every traveler should have on.
No need to put up my tent,

so I went to have a burger for dinner at Pickles, apparently the best local joint. The cowboy hats outnumbered the motorcycle helmets by an infinitely large number. I suppose they know that I’m not from around here.

I could easily get spoiled by sleeping in a big teepee with more space than my tent to spread out my gear. Just had a shower, washed some underwear and it’s time for bed.
Cool night, it’s wonderful to sleep in fresh air. I remember only a couple of weeks ago in Kingston the hot temps and humidity were stifling to work outdoors cutting the lawn and uncomfortable to sleep at night. This morning there was a good layer of frost on my picnic table! What a change. I’m blessed to have clear sunny days. The best weather indicator for me that ensures no rain is seeing the agriculturual irrigation systems pumping water. I’m sure it is expensive and that the farmers don’t use them if there is any rain expected.

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  1. Stromtrooper Mudbutt September 20, 2015 at 10:30 am #

    I posted your link to this site on the Stromtrooper forum, in the trip report section so that others may follow.

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