South Dakota and into Wyoming

16 Sep

I went back into a time warp to a date before I was born having breakfast in the Cottage Inn Cafe. I recommend it. It’s going to be hot today, will reach the mid 80’s for sure.

It didn’t get as hot as I expected but I’m a bit dehydrated. I crossed the mighty Missouri River at Mobridge and rode through the Standing Rock Cheyenne Indian Reservation. It’s a huge reserve and very unpopulated. I didn’t see any campgrounds and decided to stay at the Branding Iron Inn which is a small motel and dinning room in Faith SD.
I’ve made good time, crossing into Soo Michigan at noon on Sunday, so 3 1/2 days to Faith. I will be in Rapid City in the morning, just 2 hours away.
Last night a rain storm with winds and lightening passed through, it was nice to be inside a building. The forecast for Friday is very cold and rainy; hmm not sure of my plans.

It was sunny and cool this morning, little traffic, big open places, and open roads to fly if the wind permits. The Vstrom is happy cruising at 65 to 75mph.

Not many bikers in town this morning, I had breakfast in Sturgis SD and rode hwy 26 aka the Vanocker Canyon to Rapid City and the 44 and 385 to Lead for lunch. AAA awesome twisties in the Black Hills and sheltered from the open country winds.

I crossed over O’Neil’s Pass at 6905ft in sunny skies and into Wyoming. Most of the day with a couple of layers of clothing to keep warm. On most of these twisties I was all alone so not bothered by slow moving tourists. Being late in the season has some advantages. Along hwy 450 I passed by Black Thunder Basin coal mine which is one of the world’s richest deposits and largest mines in production.


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