Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota to South Dakota

15 Sep

It a pleasure riding without drivers who tailgate. Once I crossed into Soo Michigan there was very little traffic on the lesser traveled highways. The north shore is shallow and sandy, this is the light house at the mouth of Manistique River. image

Going over the north shore of Lake Michigan it was windy, the highway is along the water’s edge most of the way to Escanaba. It was a long day (723km) and just before dusk I found a nice private campground to pitch my tent.

Nice folks, George even provided coffee for breakfast and sat with me.
It’s sometimes a long ride to find real food but I eventually found a gem in Turtle Lake Wisconsin, Frontier Restaurant, complete with chrome tables and chairs.

I’m appalled at the amount of fast food and prepackaged crap that most people eat. My campsite breakfast of peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread was a decent start this morning. Sliced up and spread with my hunting knife it wasn’t elegant, but at least it is real food.
I made it, another long day 646km, just into South Dakota and staying at Big Stone Motel in the town of the same name. Ok place, great considering the inexpensive price of $38 which isn’t much more than my campsite last night; and good useable WiFi, thanks to Mike.
WooHoo what a ride today! Never before have I been so battered and blown around by the wind. All day I’ve danced all over the roadways, constantly being sideways. It would not have been comfy for a passenger. I felt too bagged to bother finding a place to camp.

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One Response to “Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota to South Dakota”

  1. Phil September 20, 2015 at 9:31 am #

    Strong winds for sure Gordo ! I had to deal with them on the way home from BC…ride safe !

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