Canada Day – fireworks in Kingston

1 Jul

Perfect weather conditions tonight for the fireworks at Confederation Basin. We sat on the rocks right at the waters edge and enjoyed an unobstructed view. Generally a clear sky with a gentle breeze to keep bugs away, a comfortable 20 degree temperature and as a bonus a full moon.



It was the best display that I’ve ever seen in Kingston; fired off from Point Frederick RMC, a National Historic location and easily watched from Fort Henry or any location downtown along the waterfront.

In this picture the Martello tower is illuminated by the golden burst of light from the fireworks. Too bad I left my Fuji camera at home and had only my phone camera. While sitting on a large rock and using my knee as a camera tripod and hold steady I was able to get some acceptable pictures.

Huge pedestrian crowds but no problems, a bit of a traffic clearing issue but we waited for about 15 minutes and it had cleared.

This is my first attempt to record and post a video with my phone and I have given up after 3 tries to upload the video.

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