Horizons Unlimited (Ontario)

17 Jun

We’re on our way, presently staying over in Bracebridge, to the event on the shore of Lake Couchiching. It’s a get-together of adventure touring motorcyclist; a few friends will be there, a few HU faces that I will recognize, and lots of new people to meet and share stories and travel tips.
I attended an HU event two years ago but this year my wife is with me and we have reserved a cabin to be able to relax and enjoy the whole event.
For 2015 HU is supporting the Do Good as You Go network  http://www.themuskokafoundation.org/home

It’s a simple theme that all travellers should abide by. I know from my own personal traveling experiences how my “doing good” has been returned back to me by so many wonderful helpful people along my routes. My first awareness or epiphany was at 10,000 ft at Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Montana. A few years later riding in Newfoundland I was reminded daily of how generous and helpful people can be.

Fantastic weekend and generally good weather, without any rain until early Sunday morning. A perfect venue and 200 registrations.

Wonderful presentations, and of course Patrick Trahan’s awesome personal story telling about reaching his Dakar life goals, touched everyone. What a great bunch of people to share a weekend with.

Lots of highlights, one being riding on my friend Dave’s Honda Monkey.

Some Hondas are of course much bigger than others, I had a test ride on one of the new Honda NC 750 motorcycles. I really enjoyed the bike’s low centre of gravity but didn’t really go far enough to and kind of review.  I’d gladly play again on one. It’s definitely an easier bike to ride in comparison to my fully loaded Suzuki Vstrom.

Wow, and a personal demo ride just for me with Patrick leading; he very graciously set a pace was that comfortable for me.



Above is the legendary Canadian Dakar rider Patrick Trahan early during his attempted solo circumnavigation of Africa to raise money for Children’s Wish. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to fulfill this dream due to a very serious life threatening accident. Amazingly he survived and rides on. I met him for the first time two years ago and was personally incredibly touched by his powerful drive to “Follow your Dreams.” I was equally awed, by his positive mental attitude to cope with things that go bad in life, as I was by his hilarious sense of humour. There are few people who can turn a personal tragedy into a stand-up comic routine.  Talking with him again this weekend and getting to ride with him was wonderful.

Thank you Honda for helping to make a great HU weekend.

My wife and I managed to stretch the weekend in to six days, leaving on Wednesday morning and not getting home until Monday late afternoon. We took the opportunity to ride on some of my favourite roads like CR #507 through Catchacoma and Dyno Road, even a few new to me like CR #504 through Owenbrook.
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