Calabogie ride

4 Jun

Willie and I had a wonderful ride today. We only went to Calabogie for lunch but by the time we got home we had logged 475km on the motorcycle. I guess we must have taken one of my favourite shortcuts. Not a bad adventure with a passenger who had never ridden before! Either he trusts me or has nerves of steel to ride gravel and paved twisties as a pillion.

We criss-crossed the old Kingston to Pembroke Railway line and stopped at the only remaining station still standing, Clarendon.

After lunch in Calabogie at Shooters
we made a quick stop at Calabogie Motorsports race track but there wasn’t much action. We ended riding south on hwy #511 (on of my all time favourites) to the Taltock OMYA Canada Ltd quarry lookout. It’s an active mine, owned by a giant Swiss mining corporation, extracting calcium carbonate from snow white calcite. It’s an amazing sight to look at but not without many concerns regarding the environment and serious local impact. Millions of litres of water are daily affected either in the quarry or in the Tay River with little historical data to base environmental decisions.  With the bright sun and stark white rock it was a difficult exposure for Willie’s phone camera.   Taltock quarry imagejpeg_2
Riding the county road #16 between hwy #509 and #511 aka the Historic Lavant Colonization Road was so good that it’s a must ride again.

We stoppered for coffee and a snack at  the Fall Rive Restaurant now under new ownership and I recommend it.

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