5 May

Fantastic backroads to Leesburg, over 200km mostly slow speed putzing along, enjoying the scenery. In the Shenandoah National Park I slowed down and watched a large black bear coming up the embankment to the guard rail. He glanced at me and quickly turned around and scurried away down the slope into the bush. By riding on some gravel I rode a big loop around Washington Virginia, partly up the slope towards the Skyline Drive. I love the roads with interesting names like Snickersville Turnpike although they are just narrow paved twisties roads with no center-line; beautiful to ride along. I finally got my chance to photograph some of the most beautiful stone fences along the roadside.

DSCF1738ew Virginia stone fences

My backroad route took me past many large horse farms; better described as huge well manicured estates. Travelling on my motorcycle I get to feel and smell the experience much more than in a car. Two smells were wonderfully strong; the sweet honeysuckle and the richness of wealth and money. There was very little traffic so parking the Suzuki on the edge of narrow road was reasonably safe. Many of these perfectly restored old stone fences represent over 200 years of picking rocks from the fields, hauling them and carefully piling.

Wednesday Matt and I went for a short drive, in an air conditioned car around Leesburg, and did a short hike in Balls Bluff historic park along the bluff and down to the Potomac River. By the time we got back to the car we were both sweating profusely. This is the sort of hot weather to laze around and go for a swim at the family cottage at Buck Lake.

In the short time I’ve been here I may have already become addicted to Ady’s favourite brew of individually made drip coffee.

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One Response to “Virginia”

  1. pvasshep May 5, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    Hi Gord –

    I was going to say hello from my current location – namely the Bethel Hostel and was surprised to see that you’re this very day in my backyard, more or less.

    It’s very quiet here, Dave is home celebrating the birthday of one of his daughters, and I’m the only person staying in the hostel this evening, unless someone else turns up which I suspect unlikely.

    Dave told me about your bike and his daughter’s Polish boyfriend. Amazing!

    Anyway, greetings from Bethel, ME.

    –Kathy Bilton

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