Garmin map updates

27 Mar

Each year, and only once a year, I update my Garmin maps on my computer and Zumo 550 with the latest version. I have a lifetime subscription on my account but I hate the updating process so usually procrastinate for a couple of weeks. Even with the latest version of Garmin Express the task yesterday was not significantly any different from other years. I spent three hours with Garmin support on my phone. A long and frustrating process; but I did manage to get the Canada & US version 2015.40 update which is only 3 days old. That should be adequate for any riding for the coming season.

I bought my fist Garmin product in May 2000 and that old Garmin 12 still works like new. It has no maps but is an amazing basic GPS. It’s been soaked sailing in the Great Lakes, gone hiking in my pocket and ridden in the map case on some motorcycle trips. Since 2008 I’ve ridden throughout North America on my motorcycle and love using a Zumo 550. In addition I’ve been using a Nuvi 3597LM in the car for a year. I’d say that I’m a well experienced user, yet the map updating process baffles me.

I must say that each and every Garmin technical support, customer service, software development or software support person is knowledgeable and has been pleasant. I’ve had some very long phone calls to Kansas and Oregon over the past seven or so years and have a large file of emails and hand written notes. Thanks to Phil, Robert, Colleen, Ashley, Glenda, Christa, Debbie, Michael, Jim, Lesley, Nancy, Chris and Steven who I’ve spoken with at length and to Tom, Curtis, Michael who have emailed instructions to me.  They all seem like nice folks and have tried to help. It’s always such a long complex process that I normally set aside most of a day to struggle to accomplish the task.

To all Garmin users who might be updating their maps, I wish you good luck.


One Response to “Garmin map updates”

  1. Tom Neumann March 27, 2015 at 5:44 pm #

    I have two Garmin Zumo 660’s, mine and my wife’s. Apart from taking more time than I like I find they update simply and easily though Garmin Express. One updae requried some of the memeory on the SD card to be freed up but that is about as close to a snag as I got.


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