Minden ice racing

8 Feb

The Canadian Automobile Sport Club, Ontario Region organizes ice racing at the fairgrounds In Minden. The racing starts on Sundays at 12:00 so we had an opportunity to checkout the local eatery.  I highly recommend Molly’s for breakfast. They offer a huge selection of homemade bake goods, breads, and a fantastic full breakfast at very reasonable prices. It’s located at the north section of town on Bobcaygeon Road.  One of the ice divers who must be a a regular at Molly’s said it’s the place to the a breakfast of champions; his $200 Subaru is a billboard for local businesses.

IMAG4282e Molly's

DSCF1152e sponsor

It’s the fist time that I’ve been to a motor sport event horsepower and noise seem aren’t factors. Quiet racing, cars with mufflers; what a concept. It’s all about stickum on the ice. I saw more money in stacks of rims and tires, some tractionized and some with studs, than in the value of the cars.  All the cars show some minor battle scars from racing so closely packed together. I can’t imagine a better place to learn to handle a car in winter conditions.  Some of the cars had co-drivers, probably offering words of experience to less experienced novices. We spend some time watching today in the early afternoon. It was a long day of driving in very unusual -14°C conditions with freezing rain-like mist coating the windshield. It’s now late and I’m tired; I’ve got more pictures so edit and post tomorrow. S0680987e Minden


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