Madigan’s – great food in Kingston

31 Jan

This morning I enjoyed a great Irish meal. It was my first visit to Madigan’s at 175 Bagot street at the corner of William street, and it could easily become one of my favourite places in town for a Saturday breakfast.  I’ve a weakness for quirky locally owned  eateries that feature really interesting food.  I’ve travelled coast to coast through the US and Canada on motorcycle adventures off the beaten path while always keeping an eye open for my next meal. Admittedly I do like to ride with a full stomach.

Imagine such a wonderful place right in my own town.

IMAG4221e Madigans's

Their handwritten chalkboard sign says “Here at Madigan’s we like to celebrate the Irish love of fresh food. In doing so, we introduce you to our culture and our heritage. What makes Madigan’s special is that we are an independant Irish owned and operated restaurant – deli, supporting independant companies. When we buy locally produced food from our local farmers, growers, and artisan companies, we are preserving an age-old tradition.”


I won’t spoil the menu surprises; walk in and smell the great food, see the open kitchen, sit down and enjoy quality food while being surrounded by real wood and limestone. Unfortunately as of March 2016 it’s closed; the location is under renovation and has a new name. Stumps me as to why a sucessful restaurant would close.



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