DN iceboats in Kingston

28 Jan

See http://www.iceboat.org for some very good safety information, the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club have included a helpful safety video “What to Do if you Fall Through the Ice.” 2015-01-28_10-59-13_1 I was on the ice in Kingston early this morning just after dawn to get some pictures of the preparations for the day of racing. I met a few sailors this morning, most of the boats had US  sail numbers, and some no doubt from the FLIYC. I was a pleasure to chat with some of them who gladly shared time and some details with me. I leaned a new sailing term from one of them; we were discussing sailing dinghies and keel boats and he referred to them as “software.” I had to think for a second, indeed he is right, his DN iceboat sails on a hard frozen surface. IMAG4207e

I left the house this morning at -16°C but there was virtually no wind on the lake. Maybe at most 2 knots, so it will be a light air racing day. I had bright sun and a cloudless sky and took as many pictures as possible with my Fuji X10 until I’d exhausted my camera batteries.  In most places the ice is clear and I could see the bottom in the shallows close to the shore. The large pressure cracks cause ridges along the shoreline.  What a great photo opportunity.

DSCF0438e  KYC                 DSCF0442e shallow water ice Hopefully there will be enough breeze in the light air today that the sailors will be able to will get enough races finished to make for a good competition. DSCF0514e DN  KC 5514 DSCF0598e   KYC The inside basin close the club house was completely full of boats, a few spent a lonely cold night outside of the break water securely screwed to the ice. DSCF0447e               DSCF0451e ice screw

DSCF0474e US - 4824 reflection

DN reflections

DN reflections

Monday I only had a chance to see the fleet racing at a distance of about 5km away, yesterday, Tuesday, the races were cancelled because of strong winds. I understand that during the Monday races a couple of boats were damaged due to heavy winds. Getting perfect ice conditions combined with 10 to 15 knots of winds is tough.

This is a recent promotional video made by Make Hay Media.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxsEOoCZ_2s

Due to an overnight snowfall of about 8 inches there are many disappointed DN iceboat sailors. I visited the club this morning, Friday, and all those who I’ve spoken with were happy with their stay in Kingston. Posted this morning on the IDNIYRA website:

“The 2015 North American Regatta is Cancelled! No other locations were found this morning.

Have a safe drive home.”


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