Comet Lovejoy

7 Jan

Tonight in the clear sky I could see Comet Lovejoy with my Celestron 8X56 binoculars, but not with my naked eyes. Tonight it gets closest to earth, only 44 million miles.

The temperature was -21°C and I did most of my viewing from my car. I knew where to look with respect to the constellation Orion so I parked in such a direction that with my seat seat laying back I could look out the open rear window.  I was just north of the City of Kingston and had a good view of the sky without too much bother from city lighting.


Terence Dickinson might not approve of my wimpy warm method but it worked for me. I also saw a brilliant meteorite. Keeping binoculars steady while standing in the open field with cold hands didn’t work. I was also concerned listening to the sounds of coyotes coming very close to me and so viewing from inside the car just made good sense.

Lovejoy Comet


This picture belongs to the Astronomical Society of Victoria’s Astrophotography Observatory, Heathcote Victoria, credit Phil Hart.  What I saw was only a fuzzy object that was slightly greenish in colour. Nothing spectacular but at least I did see it. Next chance is in 8000 years. What I saw looked like this:






Although I did get a picture that clearly shows Orion and the place in the sky where I saw the comet, my image taken with my Fuji X10 doesn’t show any evidence of the Comet Lovejoy.




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