A Photographic Day in Maine

6 Oct

I had a perfect day, clear skies and cool but comfortable riding temperature. I rode about 200 miles on paved backroads and took many pictures; this creek with my phone and many with my Fuji x10.

This is Stoney Brook in South Paris Maine.

This rock was way too big to bring home and although the leaves are faded and dry but it makes a good memory of what I saw in Maine this trip.


I stopped along Roxbury Notch Road, hwy #120, north of Roxbury in a wet boggy area and hoped to see a moose. Instead I took a picture of a wind farm with 22 turbines, slightly visible on the ridge in the distance directly over my bike.   http://recordhillwind.com/   The other picture is looking south over moose habitat.



I was in Andover and found a small plaque in the town park that commemorates the 1962 Telstar satellite history. “Telstar was, at once, a technical, political, and cultural happening, providing impetus to the world of globalized information we take for granted today.” The small experimental, low powered satellite, damaged and not working after about 6 month’s, is still circling the globe every 158 minutes.


I didn’t realize that Andover was so famous for it’s connection to outer-space.  I stumbled by accident upon the plaque in the park near the church, I had ridden past the road that would have lead me to the location of the Andover Earth Station. Literally I had missed some history by only about 700 meters. The location shown on GoogelEarth is approximately at N 44° 38′  W 70° 42′ and is in the center of this topo map.

Andover topo

In an odd quirk of fate a meteorite fell in a farmer’s field near Andover on August 5th, 1898. Talk about close encounters of the bolide kind !

Check out the Andover Meteorite ( now in the Smithsonian )    http://www.rasny.org/andover.htm

A few miles south of town I was able to ride over the Lovejoy wooden covered bridge. Built in 1867, is one of few left that I’ve ridden over, and is still in daily use.


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One Response to “A Photographic Day in Maine”

  1. Kathy October 7, 2014 at 7:24 pm #

    Looking forward to your Tuesday blogpost so that I’ll know you safely made it through the day. 20 miles from the hostel, traffic slowed to a stop. There had been signs saying there would be one-way places on the road because of construction, but the one-way traffic I came upon was due to an accident, not sure how serious and a number of emergency vehicles present. It appeared to have involved one pick-up and one car which was resting in its side… 😦 Rain stopped shortly after that and Koda and I made it to Sackville, NB for the night.

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