A Drizzly Day in Maine

4 Oct

The light drizzle started last night about 11:00pm but didn’t put much of a damper on the group sitting around the campfire.
I woke hearing some keemers riding off to breakfast in Bethel, but elected to sleep in. I showed my face about 10:30 to the gang as they were organizing to ride off. Not sure where I wanted to go on wet roads I lazed in my cozy sleeping bag and tent figuring out a plan for the next few days. I decided to leave about 11:30 heading to a favourite eatery where I hoped to get a welcome from Sammy Angles the owner. Yup I sure did and a hug along with great food.



After I went east to Farmington to visit my “Peaks and Valleys” friend Brad.
Along the way I grabbed a picture for my friend and neighbour Larry.


I’ve just made arangements to stay Sunday night and on for a few days at HI Bethel. Wonderful welcome I had, I’m certain it will be comfortable. I’ve planned a nice route to Knowlton, but don’t need to be there until Friday.

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