Vancouver Subaru Trip data

22 Sep

A long trip creates lots to do back at home, laundry, drying of camping gear etc.

My NUVI 3597LM worked well throughout the trip but I realized this morning when I dumped it into my laptop that it doesn’t have the memory capacity I expected. In other words we lost about half of our trip. Total trip by the Subaru odometer is 12,672km. I’ve now learned and confirmed with the techies at Garmin Support in Kansas that each time it has 10,000 new data points or cookie crumbs it archives another sequentially numbered gpx file. It will only save the current 20 files plus the active file. My early trip files had been saved but gradually were tossed or overwritten with newer data. Bummer. Oh well at least I have all of our trip exploring Vancouver Island and all the adventure across Canada back home. Not a big disaster because the SPOT tracker has produced maps showing the most significant locations.

“Trip logs are points automatically stored when the GPS device is locked onto a satellite signal and moving. It is the electronic equivalent of laying down a “breadcrumb trail” to mark the path that has been traveled. A nuvi, dezl, LIVE, Camper/RV, or zumo device can store 10,000 points before it begins the process of archiving additional logs.1 Beyond 10,000 points the device moves the oldest trip data into an internal archive file. Up to 20 archive files can be stored internally on the device. This means, depending on space available, the device can store over 200,000 points of trip data. Archived trip log information is not visible on the device itself, but can be used and seen with Garmin’s MapSource or BaseCamp programs.”

My suggestion or tip to NUVI or ZUMO users: as a good rule of thumb expect to rely on your unit to only hold about 5,000km of trip data.

Our overall average fuel consumption in out 2011 Subaru Impreza was 8.0 litres /100 kilometres and we spent $1384CDN on fuel.

Between our phone cameras and the Fugi X10 real camera we have 6,781 pictures to sort out and edit. Although this isn’t an award winning photo nor my favourite, this sign on the men’s bathroom door at the Cowboy Cafe restaurant in Medora North Dakota did capture my imagination.


Of course with more space in the car than the motorcycle I was able to collect lots of souvenir rocks. I’ve got 40 new rocks and or fossils.


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