Day 39 – Rossport Inn

17 Sep

Great bed, firm and piled thick with blankets and a quilt. Since I was a young boy visiting my aunt and uncle’s camp I’ve not slept so close to train tracks and it was interesting when 3 trains passed by in the night. Not a distant whistle blowing rumbling noise that wakes people and disturbs sleep for a long time as it approaches and eventually fads; but a full bed shaking experience. I woke suddenly as the first train arrived with its whistle blowing and our whole cabin and bed throbed. Yet it quickly passed and all became quiet and peaceful. I suppose I’m disappointed there were only 3 trains in the night, although a fourth and fifth passed in the morning just before I got up. All in all this cabin location is quieter than most motels and campgrounds throughout the past month. I love this place and would gladly return; I highly recommend it. Checkout Ned Basher, Lake Superior Intersting People on YouTube.

We had wet roads and temps of only 2 & 3 degrees all the way to Wawa; overnight was the first snowfall of the season. Not much tourist traffic and plenty of passing lanes to get by the trucks. We stopped here for fuel


We are very lucky that we didn’t have real winter conditions with the Subaru summer tires. It’s “ironical” that we have an opportunity to enjoy the first Lake Superior snowfall in Ontario and earlier in May we were touring on the motorcycle along the shoreline of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and marvelling at all of the ice still floating in the lake.

We have stopped for lunch in…

We still have about 4 hours of driving to our friends’ log home near Thessalon on Little Basswood Lake.

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