Day 37 Ontario bound

15 Sep

We did have a good sleep, although we regretted the cost of a hotel in comparison to our tent. We had looked at one campground and found it full of oil workers and their trailers and RVs. In another town we couldn’t find the campground although nearly every house seemed to have an extra trailer camped on the lawn or street.



We made it across Manitoba, some on gravel and a short bit through a field because the road was impassable. Good on Sam once again for her navigation skills and her tolerance to my ideas regarding the most scenic route. There is room for discussion as to who gets credit for the field excursion. Was it the result of my amazing “scenic backway” route selection or possibly an interesting bit of navigation on Sam’s part?
Yes, Manitoba is flat but there are many interesting things to see and people to meet. We have seen wind mills and wind turbines from a different era. Who knows the make and model of this early 1900 design?

We almost got into Ontario, but decided to tent for the night in Warroad municipal campground in Minnesota. Close by is a small casino, packed with people playing one-armed bandits. Crazy.

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