Day 35 Dinosaur Hunting

13 Sep

We had a comfortable and dry night at the Quality Hotel in Drumheller. I had been up since dawn the previous morning and was really tired; Sammy had driven yesterday for a while and I had attempted to nap. This morning went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.
The museum, although a bit crowded because it was a Saturday, is amazing. I was able to get this picture just before this meat eating dinosaur gobbled up a small child beside me.

We were in it for about four hours. I understand why some people might get a yearly pass. This head, 66 million years old, is a fossil of tyranosaurus rex, and found along the Crows Nest River.

Some are in display cases but most are open and close enough to touch.

This dome-headed one looked like it had enough space for a brain, but apparently it was just used for bashing into other dinosaurs, and not processing.

DSCF9591e dome headed dinosaur
This chasmosaurus belli looks like it is about to charge me. Even though he is physically very close I’m not afraid because there is a 75 million year time gap separating us. In real life he was a herbivore so I might have safe anyways.

This sabre tooth cat would have eaten me, but his fossilized bony body moved even slower than mine.

Just north of the museum we stopped for a late afternoon picnic lunch overlooking Horse Thief Canyon.

We drove late tonight, so had a chance to see a prairie sunset and the large orange moon rise above the unobstructed horizon. Heading eastbound along highways 9 in Alberta and 7 in Saskatchewan, the clouds ahead and the setting sun behind us were amazing.


I was keen to drive all night, so we could see more night sky, but neither of us had the energy so Sam made the sensible decision to sleep in a motel in Outlook SK. We would have tried to make it to Danielson park and camped but the frost warning combined with the risk of night driving and hitting a deer helped Sam make a wise choice.

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2 Responses to “Day 35 Dinosaur Hunting”

  1. Laura Gill September 13, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Finally read the whole blog. Your pictures are amazing and some are very artsy. I think you need to do a photo book for Sam for Christmas! It really has been a wonderful trip (except for the rain part and except for the snow part , oh and except for the camping part…). Best part sounds like hooking up with Laura!!

    • September 14, 2014 at 9:11 am #

      We have about 6,000 pictures so far; sorting and editing will be a large project.

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