Day 28 -Saturday PRNP

6 Sep

I got up extra early to enjoy some WYA beach time.
After granola and coffee at the site we packed up our camp and hiked into Florencia Bay

in the Pacific Rim National Park.
I found this wooden toy-like thing in the driftwood pile, no doubt some phallic symbol that drifted across the ocean to a better place.

Then we had brunch/breakfast once again at Cynamoka.
Sadly we have to begin heading home, eastbound, this afternoon because we can’t go much further west. But I am certain that we will have many great adventures before we arrive home.
Choo, and best wishes to all friends, family and any travelers who follow Windtogo.

We are still on the island for tonight and have our tent set up in Cedar Grove campground in Qualicum BC. Will, the camp manager who is still a Newfoundlander at heart, suggested a couple of places to eat and dinner at the Fish Tales Cafe was excellent. Inside and out it offers a unique ad comfortable setting and I highly recommend it.

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