Day 25 – Langford, Cowichan, Port Alberni

3 Sep

I have a long route planned with much of it on gravel. Hopefully the adventure goes well. No surprise that I’m searching for more of the “scenic backway” which I have a passion for. If I’m successful today I can honestly say that I know and have either ridden or driven the scenic backway from the most easterly tip of Newfoundland in the Atlantic to the Pacific coast at Tofino.   

We met up with these three at the west end of Cowichan Lake, Heather Campsite/boat ram. They have ridden from California.

I had a look at their map which showed better detail than mine.


It is a long drive through remote and wild country, some on private roads.

We made it to Port Alberni at about 5:30pm after ‘enjoying” 90 km of gravel roads mostly hard packed but some loose surfaced. I am glad that I installed the Rally Armour mudflaps before we started this trip. The roads connecting Youbou, Bamfield and Port Alberni are gravel, with only a very short section of pavement that is poor condition.

In my opinion not suitable for a car, I would not enjoy riding my Suzuki Vstrom through this 100km section of wildeness. Anyone attempting to drive through here should have good GPS and navigational skills.

We took lots of pictures of the huge trees in the Carmanah forest with the sun rays filtering through the drooping branches. I’ve never seen such a lush green forest. We saw no wildlife at all, in the trees or the clearcut logging areas or along the road. We ventured only a short walk into the forest and quickly realized how difficult it is to walk; all the ferns and deadfalls make it nearly impossible.

We are tenting at Timberlodge just on the edge of town and had a very nice dinner overlooking the waterfront at the Starboard Grill.

For anyone interested this has been my 5th day wearing running shoes and my icebreaker socks and they don’t stink. Amazing.


2 Responses to “Day 25 – Langford, Cowichan, Port Alberni”

  1. Tom Neumann September 9, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

    I knew you would find gravel somewhere!!! 🙂

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